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We have Schoolwide Learning Expectations of our students. A St. Albert The Great student should be:

A Christian Learner...
...who strives to please God in his/her thoughts and actions.
...who maintains a postive self-image as a child of God.
...who knows the importance of God in his/her life through the teachings of Jesus.
...who exhibits a lifestyle that displays a knowledge of Catholic teachings and biblical facts.




A Respectful Citizen...
...who is tolerant and respectful of diverse ideas and cultures.
...who is respectful of God's creation, especially human life and the environment.
...who makes good judgments and accepts the consequences of his/her actions.
...who uses interpersonal skills as a member of the Church, family, school, work group, .-------.----and community.

A Responsible Student...
...who completes assignments and tasks on time.
...who evaluates his/her own academic progress.
...who observes school rules.
...who participates in maintaining high standards for the school's philosophy.

...who respects his/her teachers and school staff in thoughts, language, and behavior.

A Problem Solver...
...who finds effective ways to deal with others in accordance with Christian principles.
...who thinks critically.
...who demonstrates the flexibility to find many solutions.
...who observes, organizes, and analyzes to determine appropriate action.

...who recognizes the need for change and adapts.

A Communicator...
...who shows the ability to communicate effectively with peers, faculty, parents, and people in the outside world both verbally and in writing.
...who is able to use computer technology to collect, organize, and communicate information.
...who is an active listener.
...who manifests sensitivity for the dignity (personhood) of others.

A Life-Long Learner...
...who works equally well in groups and independently.
...who sets personal goals and strives to achieve them both in and out of the classroom.
...who knows how to research and evaluate information.
...who recognizes when he/she needs help and is able to ask for it.

...who learns basic skills in order to accomplish higher and advanced training.


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